Thursday, February 25, 2010

Learn how to grow up your goldfinches and canaries healthy!

Welcome into Goldfinch's Kingdom

Welcome everybody, this blog will talk about goldfinch, exactly European Goldfinch "the king of birds!
This kind of bird is very common in Europe, also known as Carduelis Caruelis, or Jilguero.

This bird is so wonderful as delicate to grow up.
To keep healty this bird and able his to reproduce you need to apply a lot of tricks and good feeding.
This blog has scope to show how that is possible, and how to do that.

As all kind of breeding birds, Goldfinch needs to be grown in love environment and pay attention to his healty, grown is not a joke, or a simply hobby, to grow up is an act of love.

I want to remember everybody: All wild native birds are protected by law!!!

I do not wish to encourage anybody to purchase European Goldfinches without proper awareness of their needs and I do not support the trapping and importing of wild birds!!!!

I hope you enjoy and find into this blog a good tutorial to growup your goldfinch best!

All the best,

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