Saturday, June 5, 2010

BirdWatching - Tools and Patience

We are almost in the summer! 
The birds flying in the sky looking for food, the offspring are beginning to fly by themselves .... 
There is some movement in the air definitely!

 So now it's time to start our bird watching activities!
Let's start with the basics: 
- The Site
- The Equipment
- Patience and "Luck Factor"

The site, could will depend on the species you want to meet, unless you have a claim specifying, the places where it's easier to meet birds are gardens, public parks, forest edges, orchards, lakes, rivers and sometimes .. unfortunately dumps (poor birds).

Sometimes, to photograph the birds more fearful, it may be necessary to camouflage in these cases are useful tents, or large bags, or simply move away and use a good zoom ... there are lots of ways, we must sharpen the 'genius, birds are NOT stupids at all!!!

You must have a good camera, is not essential that you buy a very expensive, a superzoom with good optics, will be for you.

Observing is the key to everything, try to understand what types of plants they are eating.

Bring always with you a camera (batteries, never forget!!!) and a good book on birds native to the place where you live (or where you're going).

They can also be useful a chair or a comfortable place to sit and a tripod.

Patience and luck are very important, we must be able to wait, all farmers with experience, they know .... Patience is the virtue of the brave!


In my opinion, the campground is an excellent opportunity to bird-watching.
If you can't move so far from your home, do an act of love, put a feeder into your garden, and birds will reward with their happiness, learn how do that by reading this book.

 In the next session I'll post how to made an easy feeder for wild birds!

Stay tuned!

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