Friday, July 2, 2010

Clothing and attitude on the farm

Given that everyone in their farm is free to use the clothes that he likes best,
there are details that can help make our presence in aviary less traumatic and disturbing,
Especially at night, during the period of breeding and the weaning.

We must keep in mind that every time we go into farming as if we entered the house of a stranger the owners of this house exactly are our birds.

To make it more pleasing our presence might be useful to enter and distribute something appetizing for example sunflower seeds or leaf chicory, or a bit of biscuit Savoie.
This action will cause our birds to associate our presence to something pleasant.

I noticed that our birds prefer to see us in the same way,
in practice I do not think they can understand the concept of "vestment"
therefore it is difficult to accept that change their appearance so often.

To take into account that the birds see in shades of gray so if one day we put a gray shirt and a blue day, there will be no appreciable difference in their eyes but if we wear a white jersey once and on the day after a black shirt, the notice immediately, become suspicious and begin to stir.

Another important thing, always use the same scent, some birds are smarter than others, "guess" that it is the same person but with different clothes but same breeder's scent.
I would advise you to always use the same scent, or not use anyone.

Gaze, remember that we are predators, our eyes are close, aimed at front side and, above all, we are giants compared to our birds ...

If you have very shy birds can be beneficial use of sunglasses (no mirror kind).

So, if you follow these suggestions your small birds will feel safer and will be even more prolific.

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