Monday, September 6, 2010

Provide public nest box for wild birds

Hello Everybody,

Fall is coming... and for most part of our bird friends it's time to migrate in hotter places, but for another part of them it's time to find a new safe home where spend fall season.

To help them to find a good place to stay and maybe persuade birds to seattle down, it's a good idea setup an external public nest box.

There are several kind of nest box, each for every kind of bird.

I chose to build a wooden one, closet kind, appropriete for most part of wild italian bird fauna.

Take a look at my work!

Save 1 hour of your life and made it or buy it, setup on top of a wall or hang to a tree, in a safe place, far from people and hidden for raptors; this simply action could safe a family bird life.

Have a nice Fall!

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