Sunday, April 11, 2010

Setting up Goldfinches for Breeding

Well, this argument is so wide, there are tons of books written about that, but I think nothing can be compared with direct experience.

The most importat thing is prepare reproductors by proper nutritrion and dispose of good breeding cage.

Keeping your goldfinches healty can start procreators setup.
I suggest to you to start this phase in January (through artificial light), at least half Febraury (through natural sunlight).

1. Join both partner in the same cage, separated by a grid.
2. Female's Side: setup cuttlefish bone and eggfood
3. Male's Side: increase hemp seeds and sunflower

During half March, around 3th week, setup a nest in the female side of cage, and give her right material for nest building. Tip: carduelis like white things

Nest must be prepared and hidden though fake fir branches.
Take your time and prepare with accurancy, this could be decisive step during breeding time!!!

Tip: Increase proteins foods and FAT!!! Somebody use to feed Vitamin E during this time, Vitamin E does NOT WORK without fat foods!!!

Around first weeks of April, it's time to join partners!!!
then get away these grids and enjoy your couple!

Any doubts? Leave a comment!

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