Monday, March 1, 2010

How should be Cage Breeding?

A good cage for breeding should be in zincate steel at least or more large than 23 inches (60 cm), the best is use a kind with 4 doors on frontal.

Best pratice is to setup few things inside cage, few and clean, this is the motto.

Can't miss at least a manger for seeds and a good container for hard-boiled egg or mash, twizeer for vegetables, dark-blue siphon for water and during love season the nest with nest holder.

The container and twizeer should be cleaned every use, instead manger could be clean every month.
Water should be changed everyday and to clean siphon also.

Very important, for goldfinches in particular, to use tray with grid, for keep away dejections from birds, grids have to raise from tray bottom of 2 inches (5 cm).
I use to arrange cat's litter on tray bottom, this because absorbs and keep dejections tied and dry, and reduce malodorousness.

Interesting the use of grid separator during first phases of "couple building", but I'll speak next post about that!

Enjoy your breeding!

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