Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birdhouses & Feeders!!!

Spring has come! then it's Breeding time!
Well, for most part of wild birds, it's time to make family !!!
This is an hard situation for birds, they have to find a safe tree, right partner, nest building material, water and food!
Wow, sweating time for these birds, isn't it??
Ok, how could we help these birds during this difficult period of life?
A good way can be setup a free feeder in our backyard or in the garden, or over a safe tree.

If you're pratice of DIY, can create wood feeder! it's quite easy and chipier!

There are tons of links that teach how make it!
Keep in mind 3 important things while choise your fauvorite:
1 - setup in safe place, be careful rats or other animals can't reach food!
2 - fill feeder once per week
3 - create a place where can collect clean water

Take a look around to find your fauvorite! Spent time will get you nice surprise!


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