Monday, March 1, 2010

How should be good Aviary Breeding? External Aviary

Nowdays it's hard to get a good aviary, because needs space, and a set of good tools, this could be expensive...
Now we're going to figure out the main important features, but before we have to distinguish between internal (room, climate control) aviary and external (wild) aviary.

Today we're going to speak about External Aviary:
summarized it's more easy to mantein, because of cleaning but more hard to setup moreover during startup of aviary!
During startup phase you must check well the structure of the aviary, because of weather factors like raining, intense sun, cold, hot temperature, and predators, cats, rats, raptors!!!
The good sides of this choise are natural environment. This allows good healty birds and natural process of breeding.
Every breeder would have an external aviary!

Feel free to ask any question!

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