Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to candeling your canary and goldfinch eggs

Hi Everybody!
Spring has come and, with good hopes, you will get the question of eggs candeling.
Why eggs candeling? Why let female hatch over empty eggs when you can save her energies let her hatch a real full eggs...
To hatch it's an hard work for every female bird, she need to increase her temperature and burn more energy, this is a very stressful period, better optimize and improve to the best.

When eggs could be candeling?
In my opinion, not less 5th days of hatch continue, this is the minimum time required for a correct evolution from simply egg to first form of  embrayo.

How to candeling ?
You can use simply flashlight, but...be careful while using to don't broke eggs!
You can buy a simply one like this, to control direct into nest with less disturb to female canary, or you can DIY as i done!

You can see while working, i disclose an empty egg!

Any dubts? Leave me a comment!

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