Tuesday, March 2, 2010

European GoldFinch: how turns face red?

Let's start from the beginning... the very important thing is to keep goldfinch healty... if miss this point all the other tips will fail.
If your European Goldfinch is healty then is following a good diet can pay with impressive results!

During moulting time, a very stressful period for every birds, you have to provide fatty meals, that means more "heavy" seeds in the seed mix.
An important trick could be increase percentage of crushed safflower!

You can switch in diet between safflower seeds and mashed carrots, results would arrive at the end of moulting time...steady & patience ;)

The other important factor is SUN, place your birds under "Sun's shower" everyday if you can!

That's all!Simply isn't it?? The very difficult thing is to apply with constancy these tips!

Try and enjoy!

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